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Women In Startups

Source: Thailand Startup News  Sep 16, 2019
Over the last few years , we have seen a lot of activities, mentions and events focusing on startups in Thailand by both the  government sector and also the private sector but none has impressed us the most in terms of their approach, professionalism, honesty and credibility as the Techsauce Team in Thailand. Besides their consultancy services and other commercial platforms, their annual &nbs...
Source: Thailand Startup News  Jul 28, 2019
It all started at a house party in 2014, when Ankiti Bose talked to neighbor over the idea of developing an ecommerce platform in Bengaluru, India. Ankiti was working as an analysts then at Sequoia India awhile her neighbor, Dhruv Kapoor(now CTO of Zilingo) was a software engineer at a gaming studio. Four months later, both quit their jobs ad with a total savings of US60,000, they started Zilingo,...