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Source: Thailand Startup News  Sep 02, 2019

Mews, A British Startup Revolutionizing Hotel Operations Gets US$33 Million In Series B Funding

Mews, A British Startup Revolutionizing Hotel Operations Gets US$33 Million In Series B Funding
Source: Thailand Startup News  Sep 02, 2019
Although technology has brought major changes in almost all sectors of businesses and industries, the traditional hotel business has not changed much. In many modern properties, travellers still use the sign on the door to express the staff that they need privacy. As such Mews, a British-based startup Mews wants to bring a change and revolutionize how hotel functions are performed.

Mew's Richard Valtr

The Mew’s team believes that it is time for hotel owners and hotel management companies to deploy modern digital technology to enhance the guest experience. The cloud-based property management software helps hotels automate their operations such as room assignments so that they get more time to focus on their guests needs and stay.
Mews was founded in 2012 by Richard Valtr. It has just raised US$ $33 million in a Series B funding. This funding  round was led by Battery Ventures, a global investment firm.
Mews plans to use the funds to accelerate its ability to fundamentally transform the way hotels operate and serve guests. Also, it enables new technology players to find creative ways to provide the best hospitality experiences.
The company will also use the funding to support its expansion in the US. It is in plans to launch offices in New York, where its founder will be based. Michael Brown, Battery General Partner, will also join Mews as a board observer.
Founder Richard Valtr commented  in a phone interview with Thailand Startup News “The hospitality industry has been slow in adapting to today’s guests’ expectations, to make their stay easy, enjoyable and memorable. Mews was created to help hotels run far more efficiently so that they can switch their focus entirely back to the guest. We are building technology that enhances human capabilities to elevate the design and curation of experiences as the primary business of hospitality, away from repetitive data entry.”
Mews is introducing lots of new strategies and new way of thinking in trying to revolutionize how hotels will operate in the future using their platforms. Unlike traditional hotel technology, Mews helps hotels create new revenue channels and branding opportunities. It offers guests more flexibility to manage their ideal stays. The company will bring first-of-the-kind features to hotels so that new standards of excellence are set in the hospitality industry.

Mews works with over 130,000 beds at over 1,000 properties spread across 47 countries. It works with many hospitality players including Europe-based global chain Accor, African hotel powerhouse Tsogo Sun, hip hostel group Generator, and new hospitality players such as LifeHouse Group, Collective, and others. A wide range of property types is using Mews to redefine the future of the space management business.The company has offices all around the world and employs a small team of about 150 people only.

Mews offers ways for hotels and guests to customize their stay and enjoy the best experience. It offers a high level of flexibility letting hotels create new revenue opportunities. Guests get to choose what kind of stay they want to experience. It can be by-passing the check-in process, sharing the registration details well before time, and getting a passcode sent to their phone to access the room. Privacy, attention to details and guest needs and also creating newer experiences and newer sub-product categories are all key components in Mew’s growing success.