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Source: Thailand Startup News  Oct 02, 2019

New Medical Startup Support Lab, MedWiz To be Set Up By Thailand Medical News

New Medical Startup Support Lab, MedWiz To be Set Up By Thailand Medical News
Source: Thailand Startup News  Oct 02, 2019
Thailand Medical News, has announced that through the generous support of 37 DTC Diamond sightholders, 24 Alrosa Diamond corporate clients and 17 largest wholesale diamond traders from India and China, a new fund will be incorporated in Singapore but managed by a new joint entity in Bangkok lead by Thailand Medical News for the set  up of a new medical startup lab called MedWiz.

Jakkapong Watcharachaijunta

The new medical startup lab will function like a hybrid model between an incubator and accelerator and will have the support of 17 major pharma companies and also 6 international medical device companies as corporate  mentors. To be located at Srinakarin Road, the facility will also be establishing collaborations with leading medical accelerators in the US, UK, Israel, Australia and Japan.

The medical startup facility will also allow new startups access to more than 3,000 top IT and Technical staff from India and US , who have had prior experience in medical startups and also a team of advisors covering various tech and medical fields, all from overseas.

 To be called MedWiz, the new medical startup lab is the brainchild of Jakkapong Watcharachaijunta, the co founder of Medical Spheres and Spheres Media that owns more than 300 medical and online healthcare platforms including https://www.thailandmedical.news and also has recently gone into an initial development phase of non-medical news platforms with plans to have more than 40,000 fragmented online news sites by 2022.

Medwiz is also exploring options of setting up a high-tech medical research facility in Vietnam that can also help in medical startup and is already in talks with various government and private corporates entities in Vietnam.

“Unlike Thailand, the Vietnamese entities are more warm and receptive and easy to work with. And they are also extremely supportive. With further fund raising using our networks, we believe that the research facility in Vietnamese should become a reality by next year.” commented Jakkapong.

Medwiz already has four startups that are already coming onboard with two focused on AI based healthcare applications, another on a diagnostic tool and the fourth involving genomics.

There has also been growing support from other medical entities and organizations like medical universities form the US and UK and also medical information and data entities.

Unlike traditional startups, Medwiz will not allow medical startups under it swing to go thru what  it terms as ridiculous pitching sessions as according to it, medical startups are off a different caliber and fundraising techniques will be different and unque.

A major press conference will be held in Bangkok during November to announce details of Medwiz and its core backers.