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Source: Thailand Startup News  Oct 23, 2019

Singapore Based Data-driven Venture Investment Platform Hatcher+ Secures US$5.5M Funding

Singapore Based Data-driven Venture Investment Platform Hatcher+ Secures US$5.5M Funding
Source: Thailand Startup News  Oct 23, 2019
Hatcher+, a Singapore-based data-driven venture investment platform announced the completion of the 100th investment from its H2 fund and the closing of a US$5.5 million seed funding round. Stating that the funding round as oversubscribed, Hatcher+ said that it plans to use the investment to further develop its predictive analytics engine and business process automation platform.

John Sharp, Co-Founder and Partner at Hatcher+ commented in an interview with Thailand Startup News, “Over the past year, we’ve invested in startups at a rate of three a week, which is a fairly unprecedented rate of investment. And to date, these investments have mainly been in Australia, Europe, India, and the US. Our goal now is to aggressively expand our investment activity into China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and the Middle East in partnership with leading advisory firms and co-investment partners, and to expand our deal analysis footprint through tie-ups with leading service providers to the VC industry.”

The Singapore based Hatcher+ co-invests in early-stage startups alongside accelerators and early-stage investors such as Antler, Blue Chilli, Blue Startups, Fashion Technology Accelerator, Innova, Plug&Play, Quake Capital, Sente, Standia Ventures, and Thinqbate.

Hatcher has created a platform that includes an AI-based predictive analytics engine build from a multi-year study of over 500,000 events from the venture world. The platform also includes a business process automation platform designed to enable construction and management of large, highly-diversified venture portfolios.

Sharp further commented,“Our platform allows emerging VCs to quickly and easily access high-quality deal flow from around the world, use our advanced data analytics to build diversified portfolios, manage the portfolio and reporting, and access our network of VC investors, worldwide, for the purposes of syndication.”

The company said it has analysed over 10,500 business plans over the past year on behalf of dozens of accelerators and venture capital funds around the world.

It is planning to raise its Series A funding round in “the near future.” Seventy per cent of the capital will be allocated towards further research and development of its platform.

The company is also planning to set up regional offices around the globe to further create awareness of its brand and platform in the global startup arena.