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Source: Thailand Startup News  Jul 30, 2019

Thai Company Launches First Ever Software and App Development Platform That Does Not Require Any Previous Coding Knowledge

Thai Company Launches First Ever Software and App Development Platform That Does Not Require Any Previous Coding Knowledge
Source: Thailand Startup News  Jul 30, 2019
Avalant Company Limited, the only leading software and digital solution provider in Thailand that has received world class CMMI Level 5 accreditation announced the launch of its cloud based ONE WEB Digital Maker Platform.

The ONE WEB’s Digital Maker Platform is a 'Comprehensive Development Experience Platform' that can transform ordinary people's ideas easily to digital applications. The platform allows organizations to develop digital innovations efficiently and effectively. Developers and Makers are able to design and develop their own applications faster and better, saving organization's cost and improving startup operation.
The platform is a boom for startups wanting to explore and develop new strategic applications for the digital economy. The platform literally requires no previous coding experience and is very easy to navigate plus compatible with all other kinds of APIs, coding languages, etc. The platform is  projected in a user friendly manner with lots of visuals and menus with tons of options that non-coders can easily try to build their software or application.

Mr . Akarapol Bunworaset
Mr . Akarapol Bunworaset, Managing Director of Avalant Co., Ltd, a company with 17 years of market experience commented in an exclusive interview with Thailand Start-up News, “The trend forecast for the IT industry shows that the markets are heading towards a low code or no code approach which involves software development through visualization and modeling with less coding. The trend will lead to the growth of cloud-based services in the form of aPaas (application platform as a service) and iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service).By 2024, it is expected that 65 percent of applications and software will be developed by Low Code or No Code Platforms.”
Avalant also introduces ONEWEB key platform's features, "AppSpace" that help automate development and deployment of software through CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment) style. AppSpace helps makers build applications quickly and easily. AppSpace provides the capability to automate the process of software configuration and deployment, and reduce software management effort on cloud by up to 6 times.

The ONE WEB Platform can the address the shortage of highly technical resources. Developing in-house technical skills takes time and incurs significant cost to organizations. The new cloud offerings are important in driving growth and expanding the company's customer base this year as numerous startups can leverage on ONEWEB for their technical initiatives. The phenomenal growth of the startup industry and the governments initiative towards a digital economy will help Avalant gain more customers and also increase its own control of the market share not only locally but also overseas. Already a lot of foreign corporations and governments had been using Avalant’s ONE WEB platform in their initial Beta stages.

For more information about Avalant and ONE WEB, visit their website at  http://www.avalant.co.th/